Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We *finally* had time to carve pumpkins last night! Nothing like last minute!!
The girls all chose their own designs for their pumpkins. Claire really wanted her pumpkin to have a tooth, but she accidentally cut it I stuck a small piece of pumpkin in to hold the "tooth" in place. I told her it looks as if her pumpkin is eating a cracker....that was fine with her as long as the tooth was still there! LOL

Slippery, slimy, yucky pumpkin guts!

School Catch-up

The middle school is doing "Red Ribbon Week" (drug awareness) this week. The girls made posters for student council, and have been participating in the fun, daily activities. On Wednesday, the kids were to wear mismatched socks and shoes. This was Emily's choice....pretty tame compared to some of the boot/flip-flop matches I saw. :-)

Middle school awards ceremonies were this week as well. Both Allyson and Emily received an award for all A's. Way to go girls! We are SO proud of you!

Corn Maze

We went to a corn maze with the girl scout troop last weekend. The girls all successfully completed the maze, and then took a short hayride....followed by a picnic lunch.

I think Allyson and Claire had the most fun just jumping on the bales of hay though! :-)


Goodness! No time to blog lately! :-(

Just a quick pic of frost on the car window....Mother Nature is amazing!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Scrapbook Retreat

Haven't blogged in awhile....just so busy with the kids, volunteering at school, etc., etc.

Went to a weekend scrapbooking retreat in OK last weekend. I had such a great time! I shocked myself by completing a whopping 49 pages!! That is an amazingly high number of pages for me since I'm such a slow scrapper. I took only school event photos, along with the Becky Higgins school kits, and was able to get ALL of the past school years caught up for all three of the girls! Once I put the pages in the albums with all the memorabilia for each year, I have already filled two albums for both Emily and Allyson. It appears that I'll have at least 3 school albums for each child by the time they graduate from high!

I feel like I've found my scrapping "mojo" again, and can't wait to do a few more pages this week.

Other news around here:

Emily had another band chair test and got first chair for the concert next month. She is super excited.

Claire was awarded the lead role in her second grade musical. Another super excited kiddo.

Trying to figure out how to split myself in half as both the band concert and musical are on the same night/same time! :-(

Thursday, October 2, 2008

12 Years Old

Hard to believe, but Emily just celebrated her 12th birthday. Well, it wasn't really 'celebrating' - she just had a few friends over, we roasted hot dogs over the fire pit and then made s'mores, the kids jumped on the trampoline, and then went inside to play board games. Not a normal birthday "party", because Emily doesn't want to have parties anymore...she's getting too old for that now! LOL :-) She didn't even have a birthday cake because it wasn't a "real party" (not to mention they also had s'mores), but we picked up a giant cookie at the last minute. I needed pictures for the scrapbook after all! :-)

Happy birthday sweet girl. I am constantly amazed by you, and love you with all my heart.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

After Picasso

One of our school fundraisers this year is original art...basically, the parents buy products with their student's art image on it. They sure know how to get our money don't they?! LOL

This is the "After Picasso" work submitted by Emily and Allyson. I just love these!

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