Monday, January 28, 2008

Sad Day

We're all sad here because we had to put one of our fur babies to sleep over the weekend. :-(
Our sweet little dachshund, Molly, wasn't able to move her back legs when I let her out on Friday morning. I knew immediately that this wasn't good. We had dachshunds while I was growing up, and I've always known about their back/disc problems. The vet did try giving her some meds, but there wasn't any hope of recovery. We told the girls on Saturday morning, and we all had a good, long cry.
Molly's litter mate and constant companion, Freckles, is missing her so much. They have never been apart, so the first night alone was hard on Freckles. Last night I put a smaller bed (it's our Yorkie's bed) in her cage in hopes she would feel a little more cozy...thankfully it worked and she didn't whine like the night before. She was a pretty snug fit in the little bed, but she liked it.
Emily made a little memorial sign and hung it on our fridge so we'll always remember Molly...but I just don't feel like photographing it. :-(
Rest in peace little pup, and give a big, wet kiss to our other fur baby Puddles.
Molly 2002-2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Photos

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We've had several cold days here with some ice yesterday morning (sadly, school wasn't cancelled though). As I took Randy to work this morning, I noticed ice hanging from the stoplights. Since my scrapping group's photo challenge this month is "winter", I hurried back home and grabbed the camera. I wasn't really dressed for the cold, so didn't stay out long, but managed to get a few shots. I thought I'd try a different slideshow this time too.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eye Exams

Time for Emily's annual eye exam. Of course, new glasses are in order...she picked out "new" frames that look just like her old ones (just a different color)! LOL Emily also got contacts for the first time. She was a little nervous about how she would look - she's worn glasses since she was 4 years old. We think she's beautiful...with or without glasses.

We've noticed that one of Claire's eyes pulls strongly to the right, so we had her sight checked too. Claire had an absolute blast during the exam, and did her best to entertain the tech. :-) She was a bit disappointed though to hear that she didn't need glasses. Instead, we'll be patching one of her eyes in hopes of helping the weaker eye. If the patching doesn't work, we'll look into surgery to release the muscle.

I had mommy brain again, and forgot the these pics were taken with the cell phone too.

Decisions, Decisions...

Each visit to the orthodontist allows the patient to earn up to 4 wooden nickels. These precious little tokens can be saved up to "buy" something from the glass reward case. Allyson has been saving her nickels for over a year, and had never really been tempted by the offerings of a little toy or gift certificate to McDonald's. She was saving her nickels for "something big".
Since Allyson had her expander removed several months ago, and she won't be seeing the orthodontist again for regular visits (for now anyway)....this means she won't be receiving any more nickels. Due to this, Allyson felt it was time to go shopping. When we took big sister Emily to the orthodontist earlier this month, Allyson took along her container of nickels. She took her time and carefully looked at everything available. She narrowed her choice down to two items: an electric toothbrush or a small stereo system (at the bottom of the photo). It was back and forth for awhile, but she finally chose the stereo system (I think once she realized that big sister was thinking of buying it, that sealed the deal)LOL! :-) Allyson proudly counted out the 45 nickels needed to purchase the item and insisted that she carry the box to the car (the box was nearly as big as she is). She has a few nickels left, but she may hold on to them. I'm sure she'll earn more some day since we see braces in her future.
(note: forgot my camera, so the picture is from my cell)


After more than six months of vision problems, Randy's "V-Day" had come. It was time for him to have vitrectomy surgery. I drove him to Springfield early in the morning. He was checked into the surgery area by 11:30 and they began prepping him by noon. The nurses finally took him to surgery around 2:00 p.m. and by 4:30, the doctor was finished and talking to me. When they released him from surgery, a nurse wheeled Randy through the skywalk to our "hotel" room. The hotel is located in the same building as the doctor's office...very convenient since we had to be back in the doctor's office at 8:00 the next morning. (this picture was taken just after returning to the hotel room, and he was still pretty drugged)

Our prayers were answered because Randy's retina didn't appear to be damaged much from the blood that had been clouding his eye for so long. We won't know for sure how much sight he'll regain for about 3 more months, but we're optimistic. Randy still has to cover his eye for the next couple of weeks - wears the lovely patch at night, and protective glasses during the day.

After this eye gets healed, they'll go to work on the left eye! :-O

Monday, January 7, 2008

Got Cookies?

It's that time again....when hundreds of young girls run all over town, knock on doors and try their best to sell them....the famous Girl Scout Cookies!!
This year, the girls are sending their order forms to work with dad, and will go to a few neighbors, but their sales won't likely come close to last year's. Last year, we had 2 girls in the family selling, and this year we have all 3. It's just really hard when there is more than one child in the family taking orders.
Our GS troop is also asking people to donate cookies to the US armed if people don't want to eat the cookies themselves, they can just donate the $ and a box will be added to a supply that will be sent overseas.

Claire was SO excited to become a brownie this year...she proudly wore her vest to the cookie kickoff last Friday. Allyson was excited about moving up to junior level, so she wore her vest as well. Emily, on the other hand, was a different story. This is her second year as a junior. She definitely did NOT want to wear her vest her words: "I look hideous! The color is hideous!"
This totally cracked me up because the hideous color appears to be just a few shades darker than the shirt she's wearing!!! LOL Oh, the fun emotions of a pre-teen!!!


"Hey mom, think dad could see better if he wears these?"

Saturday, January 5, 2008


We had a really good Christmas this year. Usually on Christmas morning, the kids tear into their presents and I try my best to get photos of them opening their gifts (all at the same time). Opening presents usually doesn't last more than 15-20 minutes max. This year, we decided to slow things down a bit....we all took turns opening one gift at a time and sharing it with the family. The girls loved this as they were able to enjoy their sisters' joy as they opened gifts. It took us almost one and a half hours to open gifts this way!

This was the first year that the 5 of us drew names and made a gift for one another. (The girls read about doing this on a McD's happy meal box, and asked if we could try it.) The girls absoluately LOVED making gifts and have asked that we make this a family tradition. Definitely a fun tradition! Since dh can't see well, Emily and I helped with the gift he made for Claire which was two photo ornaments. Claire made a similar ornament for Allyson; and Allyson decorated a wooden box for dad (to empty his pockets each night). Emily painted a cute wooden photo holder for me, and stamped Asian fans all around it. I made a pillow for Emily using a t-shirt that someone gave us when we returned home with her 10 years ago (she said it was one of her favorite presents!).

The week before Christmas, the girls invited a few friends over to decorate Christmas cookies. Everyone took a nice tray of their festive creations home. We also had friends Chun and Ravi over to decorate cookies later that evening. They made some very creative cookie/candy sculptures (including the marshmallow guitar player and the razorback pictured here).

The week after Christmas, we went visited dh's brother's home. They live on a small farm and have several horses. Of course the visit wouldn't be complete w/o the kids riding the horses. One of the horses was feeling a bit spunky, so Uncle Tommy led her around so she wouldn't run away with the kids. :-)

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