Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

Each visit to the orthodontist allows the patient to earn up to 4 wooden nickels. These precious little tokens can be saved up to "buy" something from the glass reward case. Allyson has been saving her nickels for over a year, and had never really been tempted by the offerings of a little toy or gift certificate to McDonald's. She was saving her nickels for "something big".
Since Allyson had her expander removed several months ago, and she won't be seeing the orthodontist again for regular visits (for now anyway)....this means she won't be receiving any more nickels. Due to this, Allyson felt it was time to go shopping. When we took big sister Emily to the orthodontist earlier this month, Allyson took along her container of nickels. She took her time and carefully looked at everything available. She narrowed her choice down to two items: an electric toothbrush or a small stereo system (at the bottom of the photo). It was back and forth for awhile, but she finally chose the stereo system (I think once she realized that big sister was thinking of buying it, that sealed the deal)LOL! :-) Allyson proudly counted out the 45 nickels needed to purchase the item and insisted that she carry the box to the car (the box was nearly as big as she is). She has a few nickels left, but she may hold on to them. I'm sure she'll earn more some day since we see braces in her future.
(note: forgot my camera, so the picture is from my cell)

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