Monday, January 28, 2008

Sad Day

We're all sad here because we had to put one of our fur babies to sleep over the weekend. :-(
Our sweet little dachshund, Molly, wasn't able to move her back legs when I let her out on Friday morning. I knew immediately that this wasn't good. We had dachshunds while I was growing up, and I've always known about their back/disc problems. The vet did try giving her some meds, but there wasn't any hope of recovery. We told the girls on Saturday morning, and we all had a good, long cry.
Molly's litter mate and constant companion, Freckles, is missing her so much. They have never been apart, so the first night alone was hard on Freckles. Last night I put a smaller bed (it's our Yorkie's bed) in her cage in hopes she would feel a little more cozy...thankfully it worked and she didn't whine like the night before. She was a pretty snug fit in the little bed, but she liked it.
Emily made a little memorial sign and hung it on our fridge so we'll always remember Molly...but I just don't feel like photographing it. :-(
Rest in peace little pup, and give a big, wet kiss to our other fur baby Puddles.
Molly 2002-2008


Christina said...

Oh, I'm so sad for your loss. When we lost my dog of 17 years in 2002, we had a stepping stone made to put out in the yard that said "Little Bit's Garden" where we buried her. It was around a tree and had flowers and such. Maybe you all could do something like this to remember Molly. Big hugs to you all!

Debbie said...

I am so sad for you. We have 2 dachshunds and that is my biggest worry. They jump around like bunnies!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. How old was your dachshund? We have a 4-5 yr old that for the past yr. has been having problems w/ moving his back legs. He will drag them & then later he will be acting mostly fine. We have been to the vet but the meds didn't seem to help for very long & surgery is just too much. Did Molly go thru a period like this & eventually just couldn't move them? If so, how long? Just curious on how long before we should put ours down to keep from him just being in huge pain at the end. Thanks

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