Sunday, March 30, 2008


Allyson's 3rd grade teacher should be proud. She really *did* learn something on one of their field trips last year. :-) This morning was proof that Allyson did indeed listen to the tour guide at the War Eagle Caverns when the class visited there.
I was getting ready for church this morning, and putting on my mascara. Allyson walked through the door on her dad's side of the bathroom, looked across at me and said,
"Mom, why are you putting bat poop on your eyes?!"
Ummmm, I don't really have an answer. :-O

((The cave guide told the students that most cheaper (under $30) mascaras are made from guano which is bat poop)) Lovely

Friday, March 28, 2008


Our Easter Sunday was made even more special this year, due to a life-changing event for a wonderful little girl. Allyson was baptised on Easter Sunday!! Due to the choir program using the other side of the baptismal for removing their stage props, I had to stand on the opposite side for a photo (so I didn't get a front view). After church, we celebrated by having lunch with family. Allyson's (& her daddy's) choice for lunch was Chinese, so we went to Lin's Garden.

I'm SO proud of you Ally!!

Spring Fun

We went to the park on the Saturday before Easter for a quick photo session. The girls were all in a good mood and willing to pose, so I took advantage of our time. These are a few of my favorite shots, as well as an Easter morning photo. The park was so lovely with all of the flowers, and was a great place for a photo shoot. I would love to get my friends/family to lend me their kiddos for another photo shoot (hint, know who you are). :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break

Our spring break plans were very laid back this year. We first went to visit Randy's dad (who is in a nursing home several hours away). I was so thankful that his dad was having a good day and recognized us all. We took him to Randy's brother's house for dinner. After dinner, most everyone sat around the table and played dominoes (something fil has always enjoyed). Of course, we worked in a little "pool" time for the girls when we returned to the hotel that night. :-)

The following day, we drove to Branson. I had time to visit the scrapbook and quilt stores (yay!) before we settled in at the hotel. I knew once the kids started swimming, I wouldn't have time to shop. We took a chance and stayed at the hotel with an indoor waterpark. Our rating was just an "ok"...the kids enjoyed it, but it wasn't great by any means (meaning we probably won't go there again).
On Thursday, we went to Silver Dollar City for the first day of their open season. We all had a great time there. The new rides were great, and it wasn't too crowded early in the day. It was still a little chilly, so most of the water rides weren't opened yet...we'll do those later in the year.
We did a little shopping at the outlet malls before going back to the hotel -- for dinner and more swimming (of course!! LOL).
All in all...a good break.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ahoy Matey!!

The first graders have been studying about pirates this week. They ended the week by dressing up as pirates and conducting a treasure hunt throughout the school. Claire was SOOOOO excited about dressing as a pirate, so I had to take her picture before she left for school. The teacher told us about all of the dress-up dates at the beginning of the year, so I bought the little pirate dress for a couple of dollars when the Halloween costumes went on clearance. We just added some leggings, boots, head wrap, and a patch....and we had "Bad Girl Claire" (the pirate name she gave herself! LOL). Claire normally wears an eye patch to school 3 days a week anyway (treating a lazy eye), but she thought it was so cool to wear a black pirate patch today.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Eyes Have It...

...eye disease that is. First, Randy was diagnosed with "diabetic retinopathy". He had so much bleeding, that he needed a vitrectomy to remove the vitreous gel from his right eye. This was after all of the previous laser surgeries to combat the leaking blood vessels in both eyes.

Now, Randy has "macular edema". This was the verdict when we went to the eye surgeon earlier this week. The doctor also said there was something called exodites now in his eyes. The doctor suggested doing more rounds of the cancer drug, Randy will have another injection of that next week. More laser surgeries will follow several weeks after the injections.
Before the left the office, we asked the doctor what his predictions were for increased improvement in Randy's eyesight. His answer totally shocked both of us. The doctor said he didn't expect any/much improvement at all....right now we're just at the point of trying to maintain what sight he has left. Randy and I were both just numb at this news. We had planned to go to lunch after the doctor's appointment, but neither of us had an appetite, so we drove in silence all the way home. NOT the news we were hoping for at all. I guess I knew instinctively that it wasn't good when the doctor muttered "fudge, fudge, fudge" after the eye exam. Randy was (understandably) upset with the news from the doctor. We came home and did some Internet searches...but what we read only made the pit in our stomachs grow larger.

To top this off, Randy just called me around noon today and said that he thinks he's had more bleeding in his other eye. He said his vision in this "good" eye (which is only slightly better than the other) has definitely diminished today. Again...not what we needed.

Even with this heartbreaking news, I've pressed Randy to think positive. I truly believe that if it's God's will, Randy's eyesight will improve. That's what I'm praying for anyway...determined to remain POSITIVE!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Day at the Park

We had an hour between Randy's choir rehearsal and the girls' choir, so we went to the park near our church. It was such a nice, sunny day and the girls had a great time. The wind was a bit chilly at times, but the girls didn't notice...they were too busy running from one play structure to another. So glad I had the camera in the car.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow Day

We were blessed with another snow day this week!! We didn't get as much snow as originally predicted (do we ever?!), but it was enough to play in. I told the girls to hurry if they wanted to play in the snow because it would be melting fast. Good thing because the snow was gone by early afternoon. The kids had a great time while it lasted though!

Lovely Music

Emily and Allyson have been taking piano lessons since September of last year. When the girls first started lessons, it sounded like they were just pounding on the certainly didn't sound like music. I can't believe the difference in their playing now. Within a few short months, their hands are making the most beautiful music! The teacher says that both girls have caught on extremely well, and are wonderful students. Last month, in getting ready for her big recital, the teacher implemented a rewards system. The teacher will give awards to the student who has memorized the most, practiced the most, knows their scales, etc.
Emily only had to hear the word "award" to make her practice (even more than she already was). If Emily is at home, we are likely to hear piano music throughout the house.

Pajama Day

To celebrate Dr. Seuss's 104th birthday, our school held a pajama/reading day. Claire was SO excited to wear PJ's to school. She also got to take a reading pal and a blankie. She had a hard time choosing just the right blankie (she has 3 she LOVES), but she finally settled on the ladybug blankie.

Allyson had to do a book report for a book her class was reading (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader). The teacher asked that everyone decorate a cereal box, and invent a cereal that would represent the book. Allyson chose the name "Dawn Shredders" (a sun shaped shredded wheat) for her cereal, and designed the box to represent the book. The ingredients were the cast of characters. She had to design a game for the back of the box as well, and she chose a word scramble. Allyson worked for HOURS on this project, and I'm happy to say she made 100% on it. Good job girlie!


Edited on 3-13-08
Since the Family Fun Foto Friday challenge last week was "taking the stage", I thought it would be easiest to just link back to this post about Allyson's ballet recital than digging up a new photo. I'm a little late posting on this thread, but will try to keep up better for future posts. For more FFFF pics, check out this blog.

Allyson has been taking a ballet class at school for the last 4 months. Not a "class" really, but just a little fun time. One of the teachers is a former prima ballerina, and the principal thought it would be nice for her to teach the kids a little about her love of the dance. So, once a week the kids gathered in the gym for a 15-20 minute "practice" before the end of the school day. Allyson has really enjoyed the dancing (& getting out of class early!), and was SO excited about the recital. The dance group was comprised of second, third and fourth graders...about 40 kids in all (that's a LOT of kids on a stage!).

Since she didn't like the (true) ballet class we enrolled her in when she was four, we were a bit worried about how Allyson would do on stage. Much to our delight (& her own), Allyson did a wonderful job! She proudly walked out with the small group of fourth graders and did the dance steps they had memorized (they represented "spring"). We are very proud of our little ballerina!
Oh and she loved the fact that she was "required" to wear make-up for the recital too!! :-)

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