Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break

Our spring break plans were very laid back this year. We first went to visit Randy's dad (who is in a nursing home several hours away). I was so thankful that his dad was having a good day and recognized us all. We took him to Randy's brother's house for dinner. After dinner, most everyone sat around the table and played dominoes (something fil has always enjoyed). Of course, we worked in a little "pool" time for the girls when we returned to the hotel that night. :-)

The following day, we drove to Branson. I had time to visit the scrapbook and quilt stores (yay!) before we settled in at the hotel. I knew once the kids started swimming, I wouldn't have time to shop. We took a chance and stayed at the hotel with an indoor waterpark. Our rating was just an "ok"...the kids enjoyed it, but it wasn't great by any means (meaning we probably won't go there again).
On Thursday, we went to Silver Dollar City for the first day of their open season. We all had a great time there. The new rides were great, and it wasn't too crowded early in the day. It was still a little chilly, so most of the water rides weren't opened yet...we'll do those later in the year.
We did a little shopping at the outlet malls before going back to the hotel -- for dinner and more swimming (of course!! LOL).
All in all...a good break.

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