Friday, March 28, 2008


Our Easter Sunday was made even more special this year, due to a life-changing event for a wonderful little girl. Allyson was baptised on Easter Sunday!! Due to the choir program using the other side of the baptismal for removing their stage props, I had to stand on the opposite side for a photo (so I didn't get a front view). After church, we celebrated by having lunch with family. Allyson's (& her daddy's) choice for lunch was Chinese, so we went to Lin's Garden.

I'm SO proud of you Ally!!


kenziekylanmom said...

Oh how exciting! What a special day...and even on Easter!!! HOW wondeful.

Christina said...

I'm a little behind on blog reading, but was so happy to see this post LJ!! Wonderful! Special day indeed! Love that you took photos, too! I want to take photos of my girls, too. Not a lot of people take pictures of baptisms at my church, but I will!

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