Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Edited on 3-13-08
Since the Family Fun Foto Friday challenge last week was "taking the stage", I thought it would be easiest to just link back to this post about Allyson's ballet recital than digging up a new photo. I'm a little late posting on this thread, but will try to keep up better for future posts. For more FFFF pics, check out this blog.

Allyson has been taking a ballet class at school for the last 4 months. Not a "class" really, but just a little fun time. One of the teachers is a former prima ballerina, and the principal thought it would be nice for her to teach the kids a little about her love of the dance. So, once a week the kids gathered in the gym for a 15-20 minute "practice" before the end of the school day. Allyson has really enjoyed the dancing (& getting out of class early!), and was SO excited about the recital. The dance group was comprised of second, third and fourth graders...about 40 kids in all (that's a LOT of kids on a stage!).

Since she didn't like the (true) ballet class we enrolled her in when she was four, we were a bit worried about how Allyson would do on stage. Much to our delight (& her own), Allyson did a wonderful job! She proudly walked out with the small group of fourth graders and did the dance steps they had memorized (they represented "spring"). We are very proud of our little ballerina!
Oh and she loved the fact that she was "required" to wear make-up for the recital too!! :-)

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