Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Need a NEW Camera??!

Everyone who reads this blog (all 2 or 3 of you! lol) should head over to Connie's blog RIGHT NOW! She is going to give away a fantastic new Canon camera! OK, OK, so *I* really, really want to win it, but since I'm never lucky I would be thrilled if one of my friends were to win it. Yes, I would be a bit jealous, but I would be thrilled for you too. :-)
All you have to do to enter the giveaway is make a donation to Connie's adoption fund to bring little Kasidi Joy home from China. Just click on the "chip in" button on Connie's blog. You can also post about the fundraiser on your own blog for an entry.
Take a look at Kasidi's little picture won't you? She looks like the sweetest baby, and she deserves a family! Won't you help this family bring her 'home'?!
Thanks so much for caring!
God Bless!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Just a few cute pics of our younger two. Pics taken while we were waiting for the cross country team to run by. My babies are growing up so quickly (sniff!).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dog Show

We attended our first ever dog show last weekend! One of Randy's employees raises and shows beagles (anyone remember a beagle named Uno?). There just happened to be a local show, so we went out to show our support (& pet a few dogs!). I must say it was quite fun! Some of the dog people are SO serious though. I think if my dog won a ribbon, I'd be skipping and smiling, but they all just took the ribbon and walked away quietly. I have NO place for a beagle, but if she would have allowed it, I would have brought her beagle home with me. He was the sweetest!
Claire found several dogs she wanted to "buy". Of course she wants the little dogs with long hair (meaning shed, shed, shed). After much begging, I told Claire that she could save her money and we'd then talk about it. She only needs about $1000 more in her savings! LOL She promised to train her dog like the ladies in the show did....hmmm, might not be a bad idea to help some of Claire's impulsiveness? I'll have to think about this some more...


We really enjoy attending the jr. high football games. We especially enjoy cheering on our own cheerleader. :-)

After a little fear at first, Max has grown to love the mascot too...requesting to give her a hug EVERY time she walks by.


Toms shoes...the kids love 'em!
There are so many trendy things that our girls seem to be "IN" to these days, and I thought I should make a list to put in their scrapbooks. Right now, one of their favorite shoe brands is Toms. Whether it be the glitter, canvas or corduroy style, they love 'em. (I must say I have my eye on the plum corduroys too!)
While we were on the trip with the youth choir, the girls asked me to take of pic of their shoes! lol I guess there's no better time to start that trend list than now....

The girls and their glitter Toms!

Youth choir

Our youth choir took a "field trip" to Tulsa recently, and we were blessed to be chaperones for the group. After a brief round of shopping and dinner, we all had a surprise birthday party for one of the other chaperones. On Sunday, the group performed several songs for a small church. Our entire entourage :-) was then treated to a wonderful lunch by the church staff before we headed home.

Gotcha Day Pottery

During Claire's gotcha day, all of the kiddos painted a piece of pottery (most chose a doggie figurine). Since we had to wait around while they painted, I decided to play a little too (otherwise, I would have been wanting to "help" Claire with her painting! lol). I chose a simple plate (the store didn't have one w/o handles). As the kids finished their pottery, I had them dip their fingertips into paint and make a flower. The girls each chose the color of paint and the location of their flower. I love the finished product - a wonderful keepsake from gotcha day!
And...one of the families was kind enough to share photos of the kids with their pottery (my camera battery died so I had no pics!).

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