Monday, August 25, 2008

Ropes Course

Randy has been participating in a leadership series at work. One of the group's projects last week was to complete a ropes course. Randy and I were both concerned about him doing this course due to his diminished eyesight. Each person had to climb a telephone pole, traverse across a horizontal pole and a wire, and then climb another pole to a 100 foot tower...where they then jumped off and zip lined to the ground. (OK, the zip line part does sound fun...but getting there - whew!) :-)

After much thought, Randy decided to give it a try. He didn't want to feel disappointed in himself for not even trying. The good news is that he completed the entire course!!! I was thrilled that they took photos of every participant. ;-) I think I'll make a framed scrapbook page for his office using all of the photos.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

7 Years Old !!!

Can't believe that our baby is 7 years old. Seems like only yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time....sniff, sniff. Oh how I love this child...she makes my heart sing! Happy birthday my little fish face!!

Claire was SO excited yesterday because not only was it her birthday, but it was her first day of second grade. When we arrived at school, she ran up to the principal and told him it was her birthday (she wanted to make sure they remembered her on the morning announcements LOL).

Claire requested a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate icing **yum**. She was thrilled with her gifts, proclaiming "I LOOOOOVVVEEE it!" when she opened them. I took some really great shots of her opening gifts and blowing out the #7 candle on her'll just have to take my word for it though. I seemed to have forgotten the memory card in the camera AGAIN!! Once I realized my mistake, I just put the half eaten cake in front of Claire and snapped this pic. Oh well, at least this birthday scrapbook page will look a little different than the other years!! LOL

Saturday, August 16, 2008

School Supplies


The girls decided to take their school supplies with them to open house on Thursday. Of course, I had to get our traditional photos for the scrapbook first! :-) We had to do "something" while the cable repairmen were here!! lol

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Internet Troubles - Playing Catch Up


Ahhhh, finally back on the internet! Our neighborhood lost cable service last week for a couple of days, but our internet service was off for almost a week (oh the horror!).

A quick recap of the last few days:

On Friday the 8th, we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We had a nice dinner at Abuelos without the kiddos, and then made a quick stop for some computer equipment. I know, I know....we lead such an exciting life!! LOL Came home after dinner and watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics...amazing! I think we'll be ordering the DVD.

Saturday, we picked up Emily's new flute for school. Wow, those instruments are expensive!
We also went to our nephew's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. The kids had a great time playing all of the games.

Monday, we returned to Chuck E. Cheese for Claire's pre-birthday party. We decided to have her party early due to the first day of school being the same day as her actual b-day. We'll celebrate with another cake on Monday. :-)
Tuesday, the girls participated in the last Terrific Tuesday event at church. This week's theme was Olympics.

Thursday, we visited the schools for open house. Emily will be on the Seekers team - we've heard they're a great group of teachers. Allyson will be on the Surge team. Her teacher is great also...Emily worked with her last year on the student council. Claire's teacher is new to the district, and I'm sure she'll be really good as well.

Think that's it.... :-)

Friday, August 1, 2008


We received a phone call from a friend this week telling us that we finally had Justice...a "Justice Just for Girls" clothing store that is! This is one the the girls' favorite stores to shop. We've always had to go to Tulsa/Owasso or Branson to shop though. Emily begged to drive by the building just to make sure...and sure enough, the sign is up and the staff was unpacking boxes. The store should be open just in time for back to school shopping!

Tuesday Swimming

Our church's Terrific Tuesday event this week was swimming. As usual, the girls enjoyed themselves immensely. :-) Claire is doing quite well with her new found swimming skills (thanks again to aunt Kim). Most of the kids stayed in the shallow end of the pool, but Emily took on the diving boards and water slides by herself...and promised that next year she would bring along a swimming friend. ;-) Today was the hottest day of the year (so far), so the cool pool was a nice welcome. We topped off the day with a picnic lunch in the shade of the park nearby.

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