Monday, August 25, 2008

Ropes Course

Randy has been participating in a leadership series at work. One of the group's projects last week was to complete a ropes course. Randy and I were both concerned about him doing this course due to his diminished eyesight. Each person had to climb a telephone pole, traverse across a horizontal pole and a wire, and then climb another pole to a 100 foot tower...where they then jumped off and zip lined to the ground. (OK, the zip line part does sound fun...but getting there - whew!) :-)

After much thought, Randy decided to give it a try. He didn't want to feel disappointed in himself for not even trying. The good news is that he completed the entire course!!! I was thrilled that they took photos of every participant. ;-) I think I'll make a framed scrapbook page for his office using all of the photos.

1 comment:

SassyKassie said...

YYYEEESSS!!! I now have a ropes course buddy!!!! lol
Love ya!

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