Saturday, January 5, 2008


We had a really good Christmas this year. Usually on Christmas morning, the kids tear into their presents and I try my best to get photos of them opening their gifts (all at the same time). Opening presents usually doesn't last more than 15-20 minutes max. This year, we decided to slow things down a bit....we all took turns opening one gift at a time and sharing it with the family. The girls loved this as they were able to enjoy their sisters' joy as they opened gifts. It took us almost one and a half hours to open gifts this way!

This was the first year that the 5 of us drew names and made a gift for one another. (The girls read about doing this on a McD's happy meal box, and asked if we could try it.) The girls absoluately LOVED making gifts and have asked that we make this a family tradition. Definitely a fun tradition! Since dh can't see well, Emily and I helped with the gift he made for Claire which was two photo ornaments. Claire made a similar ornament for Allyson; and Allyson decorated a wooden box for dad (to empty his pockets each night). Emily painted a cute wooden photo holder for me, and stamped Asian fans all around it. I made a pillow for Emily using a t-shirt that someone gave us when we returned home with her 10 years ago (she said it was one of her favorite presents!).

The week before Christmas, the girls invited a few friends over to decorate Christmas cookies. Everyone took a nice tray of their festive creations home. We also had friends Chun and Ravi over to decorate cookies later that evening. They made some very creative cookie/candy sculptures (including the marshmallow guitar player and the razorback pictured here).

The week after Christmas, we went visited dh's brother's home. They live on a small farm and have several horses. Of course the visit wouldn't be complete w/o the kids riding the horses. One of the horses was feeling a bit spunky, so Uncle Tommy led her around so she wouldn't run away with the kids. :-)

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