Tuesday, January 22, 2008


After more than six months of vision problems, Randy's "V-Day" had come. It was time for him to have vitrectomy surgery. I drove him to Springfield early in the morning. He was checked into the surgery area by 11:30 and they began prepping him by noon. The nurses finally took him to surgery around 2:00 p.m. and by 4:30, the doctor was finished and talking to me. When they released him from surgery, a nurse wheeled Randy through the skywalk to our "hotel" room. The hotel is located in the same building as the doctor's office...very convenient since we had to be back in the doctor's office at 8:00 the next morning. (this picture was taken just after returning to the hotel room, and he was still pretty drugged)

Our prayers were answered because Randy's retina didn't appear to be damaged much from the blood that had been clouding his eye for so long. We won't know for sure how much sight he'll regain for about 3 more months, but we're optimistic. Randy still has to cover his eye for the next couple of weeks - wears the lovely patch at night, and protective glasses during the day.

After this eye gets healed, they'll go to work on the left eye! :-O

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