Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sewin' & Mowin'

Emily has been learning a lot this past week. She has wanted to help mow the lawn for the longest time, but we kept telling her she wasn't big enough. Well, now that dad has some health issues and can't ride the mower for awhile, she finally gets to help a little. Emily REALLY wanted to try mowing....so dad told her she could give it a try while he supervised (don't worry...the mower has a safety seat that automatically shuts the unit off if her bottom leaves the seat). She did a great job and is already looking forward to the next time.

Emily has also been asking me to teach her to sew, SO we pulled out the machine and let her go to work. She practiced just sewing straight lines and then I suggested she try making a simple lap quilt (handy since we have a friend with a quilt store!). We showed her the pattern she would be making and then let her choose the fabric...bright, fun colors of course! She caught on very quickly and had her blocks sewn together in no time. I can't wait to post pictures of her completed masterpiece.

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Peggy said...

Hello from another Dillon mom...

I've been enjoying your blog... I wanted to read about your experience with the Homeland tour. Our daughter, Abby, is now 9, and we're thinking of going likely in 2009. Abby also has a 6 year old brother who is Korean.

Love the idea of making a lap quilt. Can you send instructions? I think it is something that Abby might be interested in as well!

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