Thursday, October 4, 2007

Floral Beauty

We visited my mom's house (WAY out in the country!) this past weekend. I took the camera along, planning on going on a photowalk. We got busy with other things and then it was time to go. I suddenly remembered that I wanted to take a few pics of mom's flowers, so I snapped these quickly while dh and the kids waited in the truck.
Mom has a huge green thumb, and I'm hoping to put these pics in an album for her as a Christmas gift (along with pics of her hummingbirds I took earlier this year).

1 comment:

Christi Willson said...

I have enjoyed your blog so much. It's great to keep in touch this way. Keep the updates and pictures coming. You have a beautiful and blessed family. I think you already know that, but thought I would agree.

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