Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Emily finished her FIRST quilt several weeks ago!! She sewed 100% of the quilt top by herself -- the first thing she has ever sewn. I gave her instructions on how to operate the machine, but once she learned the basics, she took off. I'm not a quilter, so I didn't help at all with this project (just drove her to the quilt store every now and then). Emily was SO excited to take her quilt top to the store to have it quilted. She chose a bright green fabric for the backing, and then chose a daisy pattern for the quilting (& green thread of course). One of the sweetest things about the quilt is that is was quilted by her grandpa (my dad). Yep, he's the official quilter at the store. Both Emily and grandpa did an awesome job on the quilt!!
Emily will be working on another quilt soon. She already picked out the fabric!

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