Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Panning for Gems

Our Claire is a rock-lover. She has a prized rock collection...but most of her rocks are simply just plain, brown rocks. She also has a few white driveway rocks thrown in for good measure. :-)

As we drove to grandma's house on Monday, I decided to surprise Claire with a stop at War Eagle Cavern. I have been there on field trips with Emily and Allyson, and knew that they had a gem panning station, not to mention a hike into a big cave (but we skipped the cave tour this time). Claire was ecstatic about the possibility of finding gems!! So, we plopped down the hefty $8.50 for a big bag of dirt and let the girls get to work. After about 30 minutes of "panning" at the sluice box, the girls all came away with a small baggie of gems (crystals, amethyst, citrine, fool's gold and more).

-- - -- - --

Bag of dirt...$8.50
The girls' reaction and the memories...priceless

1 comment:

tigger said...

OMG I just realised where you are!
I'm driving down to see my family next week in Delaplaine. Just west of Paragould in Greene County. How COOL!
It's my Grandma's 89th birthday on Sunday. When my daughter gets older and hopefully as rock crazed as I am at times we're going to check out the Cavern.
Being here was the only nice part of my day. Aside from playing with DD of course. She snuggled me when I was in tears today. Thanks!

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