Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Costumes this Halloween: Claire was a cute cardinal (& won the costume contest at church). I saw a bunch of red feather boas at the $ store and thought it would make a cute glad Claire was agreeable to the idea! :-) None of the kids could tell that I ruined a high school musical hat for the costume (oh the horror!!). LOL :-)

Allyson ended up wearing her big sister's old school program costume...a duck. She originally planned to be an angel, but at the last minute decided she didn't like we scoured the closets and found the duck outfit. She thought it was comfortable and was happy to wear it, so a duck she was!
Emily was one of the three blind mice - still awaiting photos from her two mice friends.

As usual, we participated in our church's trunk-or-treat event. We decorated with the theme "On the 3rd day, God created the plants and trees". We won in the biblical category! Our prize package included a $25 gift cert to the local camera store...just need to figure out what I "need" from there now! :-)

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