Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pool - Week 2

Our girls were SO excited at the end of week #2...the 'cement pond' was finally looking like a pool. The water started going in on Friday, and the girls just HAD to try it out when they came home from school. It was a bit cold, but they didn't seem to mind much....well, only for a little wading in the shallow end.
The squirrels decided to check out the pool too....

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Jill and Rick said...

Oh my. I'm going to have to stay away from your blog now. LOL, I often dream about having a back yard pool for our family. (So far the steady stream of "growing family" expenses have made it pretty easy to wait) First things first - need to teach all of our little ones how to swim.

Can't wait to see your kiddos enjoying their new pool!


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