Friday, February 19, 2010

My Valentines and Sadness

For Valentine's Day, the kiddos in Claire's class were asked to decorate a shoe box in which to collect their goodies. Claire didn't want to do a simple box though! She has been asking to make a giant Hershey's kiss for the past couple of years, so this was the year we tried it. Not quite sure about how to make the form, we jumped in and got our hands dirty...very dirty. We used paper mache'(sp?) and built the shape around a bowl, then covered it with aluminum foil. Claire was thrilled with her finished product. Mom was happy. The classmates were pretty impressed too. :-)

The "sadness" part of the post is about Randy's dad. He has been suffering from the effects of Parkinson's disease for some time. The disease finally won and he passed away on February 12th. Norman is in heaven now - if there is fishing in heaven, I'm sure he's catching some big ones. Randy and his brother both gave loving tributes at the funeral, so that visitors would know about the man they called "dad". So very sweet and touching. While we are sad Norman (grandpa) is no longer with us, we are rejoicing that he is with his Lord, and is no longer dealing with that disease.
Since we were busy with the funeral, etc., I forgot to give the kids their valentine goodies. I decided to make made simple cones from scrapbook paper, & filled them with their favorite candies. Made a nice mid-week gift.


Debbie said...

So sorry to hear your news!!! Was Max emptying out his cone???

kenziekylanmom said...

Love the hershey kiss that's cute! Kylan wants to make the same thing next year so you may see it on my blog next year!
Sorry about Randy's dad, it's so hard to lose a loved one. Your family is our prayers!

Jill and Rick said...

Lois, we'd been so busy this spring with most of our time being spent traveling back and forth to Indiana to visit Rick's dying father. We lost him on April 5th, and I am slowly trying to catch up reading blogs and VERY slowly catching up on my own blog.

Just read this and wanted to tell you that I am so sorry for your loss. We know just how hard it is.

& I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the rest of your pics - you've got a wonderful family!

Hope you have a beautiful week,


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