Friday, April 2, 2010


Max had his first dental visit yesterday. Before we left home, I explained where we were going and what they would do to his teeth. The only problem was that I told Max about this early in the morning, so I had to listen to "We going to dentist?" at least a hundred times before his early afternoon appointment. :-O The appointment also coincided with nap time, so I was more than a little worried....Max is NOT fun to be around when he hasn't napped! lol (Had to take this appt. time as they only see new patients in the early afternoon.)

Max was first weighed, and then he climbed onto the exam table. He looked around and tried to quickly jump down (mommy is worried at this point, but kept encouraging him). The hygienist used a stuffed frog (with a beautiful smile) to show Max what they were going to do. Max was sold as soon as she showed him the water squirter! He then agreed to lay down, don the sunglasses, and opened his mouth (& asked for more water! lol). Max's teeth were successfully cleaned, and the dentist said his teeth look good. A new toothbrush, a little bouncy ball, two stickers and we were outta there! :-)

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