Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Wrap-Up

OK, so I didn't improve on blog posting for April as I hoped. :-) We've just been incredibly busy with a big home improvement project, so my journal (the blog) took a back seat. I'm just going to do a quick wrap-up for the last half of April (since I can't really remember everything we did), and make a new goal for May! :-) May is another CRAZY busy month for us, so my goal is just to post once a week.
OK, so wrappin' it up quickly....
Emily participated in a band clinic, where she played a flute solo...she received the highest ranking and a medal. She also traveled to Tulsa with her church youth group, and attended a wonderful concert featuring Mercy Me. To top off her month, Emily tried out for the cheer and dance teams at school....and she made the cheer team! **Go Emily!!** Sadly, the only pic I have related to any of her activities is of a cookie...one of her friend's mom gave one to each girl as a good luck gift. :-)

Allyson participated in her first school orchestra concert. She had the best time, and the orchestra played beautifully. I love the fact that the orchestra is much smaller than the band, so the gathering seemed more intimate. She has two more concerts in May.

Now...just a few random pics from the last couple of weeks...

And finally, I think spring has finally arrived here. The giant bumble bees were buzzing around our little redbud tree so I grabbed my camera. This little guy was kind enough to pose for me...so sweet of him! ;-)

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