Tuesday, July 19, 2011

May, June, July

Finally back in business with my computer!  I've actually had the computer back for a few weeks, but just haven't had any time to update the blog until now.  We've had lots of fun things going on the past 3 months...too much to blog about on one post...so this is a quick recap.

May:  some fishing, piano clinic and recitals, Emily's final band concert as an 8th grader, church children's choir program, winning a church auction basket full 'o chocolate, picking strawberries at grandma's house, Emily receiving some special awards at school, and Max enjoying some of his dress-up stuff.


June:  we spent a wonderful week in Florida with some great friends.  Emily's China travel group rented a huge house (complete with elevator!), and we lived the good life in Destin.  It was an awesome week!

July:  highlight of the month was China camp.  Our two oldest girls were counselors this year, while Claire and Max were campers.  Randy and I helped with camp olympics...fun times!

I know I have tons more photos to download from our cameras, so I may have more to add later.  I've been busy making lots of cookies, so I'll those pics to upload as well (may start a seperate blog for those).  And my project 365 blog?  Oh dear I am SO behind on that!  MUST make that a priority to get caught up or I fear I'll drop the project altogether.  :-(


Glenda McMath said...

Wow. Love your life updates. Love you!

Jill and Rick said...

Lois, so glad you're back!!! I know your family has been busy busy busy (when isn't it, right?) and it's always fun to peek in on your family highlights.


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