Thursday, April 26, 2007

Button, Button...

who's got the button? Gussy the goose does! OK, so she looks like a duck to me, but the girls want to call her a goose, so Gussy it is. :-)

We got this little stuffed goose in the package with a "Charlotte's Web" DVD. I glued the giant buttons on it so it would be a reminder to the kids that it's a special stuffed animal (& not one to be thrown into the toy box!). For now, Gussy sits on the kitchen counter, waiting to be put into use.....and here's how:

We're trying to start a new family tradition using this little goose with her big buttons....hoping to instill in the girls that it's good to show others "random acts of kindness = RAK". Whenever someone wants to do something special (or make a little gift - no money involved) for another member of the family, they will put a note (or the gift, etc.) with Gussy and place in a spot where she can be easily spotted. The recipient of the gift is now in charge of Gussy and it's their turn to do something nice for another person in the family. There are no time limits as to how long they can take to perform a RAK, but I'm hoping we will see Gussy getting used at least once a week or so. We talked about this "game" at dinner the other night, and the kids are excited to get started. Emily has asked to be the one to start...I know she's working on something for a little sister so we'll probably be seeing Gussy popping up soon with a special gift.

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