Thursday, April 26, 2007

Race for the Cure

Em and Ally have been participating in an after-school track program called "Girls on the Run", which is sponsored by the Girls/Boys Clubs. I think they really wanted to join at first just because they got new tennis shoes, :-) but they've had a great time in the program too. The coaches (teachers and a few parents) have been not only been getting the girls active, but have also taught them skills about how to get along with others, making healthy eating habits, etc. They always try to run 3 miles on each of the two days they meet every week.
All of their "training" culminated in the group's participation in our local Komen Race for the Cure last Saturday. The girls had to get up EARLY so they could leave at 6 a.m. to run in the race. They both finished the race and got (pretend) medals. Way to go girls...we are so proud of you!!!


Christina said...

Congrats to the girlies!! Cool metals!

DK said...

I was so glad and happy to have the girls participate in the Race for the Cure! It has been a great year with these two lovely, young ladies.

Ms. Keovanpheng

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