Friday, February 6, 2009

Project 365 - Days 36 & 37

Many of my scrapbooking friends are participating in 'Project 365' (taking a photo each day to represent all the things that make up our lives). I could go back and dig out enough photos for the first 35 days of this year, but I've decided to just say I'm behind and start now. :-) Sooo, here's my photo for day #36 - Homework, it's something we do a lot of around here.

And day #37 - My close friend, the laminator. :-) We spend a lot of time together since I do all of the laminating for our school.

1 comment:

AZMom said...

That's a cool idea :-) Are you supposed to scrap them or just post them? I am not sure I could remember to take a pic every day though.

Thanks for being there for me lately. It means a lot. I'll keep you updated. We should know something on Wed when his recruitment firm actually meets with WM HR to get an update. In the meantime, he just keeps sending out resumes.

Big hugs.

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