Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day of School

The girls *finally* had their last day of school yesterday. ...hooray! All 3 girls made the A honor roll again. We are very proud of them....way to work those brains girlies!
It's hard to believe that Emily will be entering junior high this fall. - where has my baby gone? :-( Emily applied to be on the yearbook staff, and was excited to hear that she made it and will be going to a workshop this summer. This past week, Emily also tried out for the choir (one-on-one with the director), and just heard yesterday that she made that too. She also received a letter yesterday stating that she will be placed on the pre-AP math test track (which she had to meet certain criteria for) she has a big year ahead in school!
Allyson will be in all pre-AP classes as well this fall when she enters her final year of middle school. Can she really be almost 11 years old?!
Finally, Miss Claire will be entering 3rd grade. When did this happen?!
Wow...time really flies!


Kimi said...

Congratulations on your upcoming adoption. What a little cutie Max is and I have to say, you picked the BEST boy's name :-).

Your girls are so beautiful! I bet they are so excited to have a little brother.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My camera that I carry around in my purse is a Canon point and shoot...that's not the exact name. My camera is older and can not be found in the stores now. I think all Canon's are GREAT. My nicer camera is a Canon Rebel XTi and I love it so much but probably take more pictures with my little one than my bigger one.

Have a great weekend!

Jill and Rick said...

GOOD JOB girls! You are all doing amazingly well. Sounds like you all have a big year ahead of you - enjoy your summer!

Jill G

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