Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tara Whitney (photographer extraordinaire) came up with a fabulous idea last year of taking a photo of her family once a month.  Thus the idea of 6 people 12 times.  Her blog link is

I am going to do my best to follow Tara's lead.  We are also a family of 6, and we rarely have more than one photo a year with all of us in it at once.  We haven't had professional photos taken since...well, I can't remember when!  For our Christmas cards, we always just set the timer on the camera and race to sit down.  Even though I truly dislike seeing photos with *me* in them, I'm moving forward with this project anyway...hopefully, the kids will appreciate this someday! lol 

So, here's our first "6 People" shot of the year.  This is actually one of my pics from my project 365 photo blog, but I'm also using it here anyway.  Yes, it was taken using the timer again, but we're ALL in it!  

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Living Creatively said...

Ohhhh-- GREAT idea! I'm ~so~ going to steal this. :D
And your picture looks great! I've told my mom so many times that I wish she were in more pictures from my childhood. It really does matter, and you're doing the kids a favor be being in the pictures with them! Plus, you're beautiful!

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