Sunday, January 23, 2011

ThAnkFuL For...

(Note:  This is a duplicate posting from my 365 photo blog.  I just love the idea so much I wanted to share it here too!)

We are trying to make our kids more aware of things/people around them...and hopefully, not to take things for granted.  I read a post on Becky Higgins' blog last year that really inspired me, so I decided to try the same thing with our family.
I put a piece of poster board into a simple (cheap) black frame and hung it on the wall.  I used some scrapbooking sticker letters to spell the word "THANKFUL", and wrote 2011 under that.  I assigned each person in the family a different colored sharpie and told them they could write/draw whatever they are thankful for on the poster.  We just started this earlier this month, and it has been really fun reading what everyone has written so far.  We plan on leaving this poster up all year (hopefully it will be over-filled!), and replacing with a blank poster for 2012. 
I encourage everyone to do a similar project with their families!  (be sure and send me a link to your photo!)

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