Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fire Dept.

The Brownie and Junior Girl Scout troop visited the fire department on Saturday. We had a lot of girls attend, so we split into two groups...and unfortunately, I have no pics with Emily in them. :-( Allyson was at a friend's house, so she missed the event. Claire enjoyed climbing in and on the fire trucks. She even tried out the bed in the ambulance. "-)
The saddest part of our fire department tour was when the fireman explained the air tanks. He said that each tank has a "beeper" on it that will sound if/when a fireman is still for a length of time (so they can be found if they are hurt inside a burning structure). He went on to explain that there were many, many beepers that could be heard when the towers fell on 9-11. So very sad. :-(

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