Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little House on the Prairie?

Hey, I think I just saw Laura Ingalls!! Oh wait, it was just our little Claire. :-)
Her class has been studying about pioneers this week, and today they went on a field trip to an old one-room schoolhouse. Last week, the teacher sent home a note asking that the kids dress up in pioneer style, so I quickly sewed a comfy dress and pinafore for Claire to wear. Claire has been SOOOO excited to wear this outfit and has been telling her teacher how "hard" I've been working on it. lol She didn't realize that I *had* to work hard on it due to the short notice...not to mention that my sewing skills are a bit out of practice!
This morning, Claire got up early because she was so excited about going to school. A nosebleed stopped the action for awhile, but she was finally able to don her outfit. She REALLY wanted braids, so I did the best I could with her short hair.
The bucket Claire is holding was her lunch pail (a request from the teacher was that the children bring their lunch in a pail or basket). Our pail had 2 giant razorbacks on it, but a little spray paint did the trick. The pioneer theme was carried even further by packing only foods the pioneers would have eaten - w/o plastic baggies and all of our modern conveniences. What fun!!

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