Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In a Rut

I feel like I'm in a big rut lately.....a scrapping and cleaning rut. :-( I can't seem to create a paper scrapbook page for the life of me! I've grown bored with the daily household chores and have slacked off a bit & it shows. :-( Scrapbooking and a clean house go hand-in-hand for me. It may sound weird, but I can't get my creative juices flowing if the house is messy....so my creative well has been running on empty lately.
I've recently taken action to remedy all of this though. Apparently, that bite from the spring cleaning bug is pretty nasty. I've emptied every closet, every drawer, and all of the nook and crannies on the lower level of the house. I've given away tons of stuff on freecycle, and taken multiple loads to the charity store. Look out kids, 'cause mom is headed upstairs next!! :-D

I've also implemented a new chore system for the kids, so they can really earn their allowances. Emily has always kept her room tidy, but the younger two...oh my, what mess-makers they are!! Our new chore system is random; they draw 3 sticks every day w/a different chore written on each stick. The chores are easy and are meant to take less than 10 minutes each day, but are geared toward helping the girls learn to do a daily "tidy-up" on their areas. Our new chore system has been a huge hit with the kids and they are SO excited to draw sticks every morning.

Now, I must admit that the worst remaining room of clutter is probably my scraproom (also known as the family craft room). I can't wait to get up there and start going through things. I want to be able to enjoy my space again. The green on the walls just makes me happy. I've purchased some new glass jars to store my pretty ribbons, and I look forward to seeing them sitting on the bookshelf. I can't wait to sit down and "play" with my supplies again. ((Note: if anyone has any great scrap room storage ideas, please send them my way!! I'd also love to see pics of your scrap rooms if you want to share.))
OK, back to my previously scheduled cleaning now.....

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WendyJanelle said...

The stick idea is great! We used to write chores on colored paper and draw from a hat. But sticks are more fun, and more durable! Thanks.

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