Friday, June 6, 2008

Concerts and a New Car

This week has been a whirlwind of activities! This is shareholder's week at dh's company, so there are lots of people in town for that. One of the little perks we get as employees is being able to attend a free concert or two during the week.

Tuesday night, the entertainment was Lifehouse and Taylor Swift. The girls really wanted to watch Taylor perform, so we braved the crowds and long lines. The wait was worth it though, as both Taylor and Lifehouse put on a great show. We were running late and didn't have time to stop at the ATM (& we only had $13 cash), but the company came through in another way for us. All of the food at the concession stands was $1, so we were able to feed the whole family with hot dogs and sodas (yes, very healthy stuff! LOL).
The Wednesday night concerts were by the American Rejects (know nothing about them), and Journey. I would have loved to have seen Journey, but we just didn't have the time to go (nor the energy).
On Thursday night, the performers were Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban. Our girls LOVE Carrie, so once again we agreed to brave the crowds...and crowds there were! Since the concerts are free, there were tons of people wanting in (the public can get in after all of the employees). We had to pass through security and show an employee badge before entering...I thought we would be crushed before we made it through. This evening's concert was outdoors in the Razorback stadium, so it wasn't quite as comfortable as the previous night (which was held indoors at Bud Walton Arena). We enjoyed Carrie's performance, but were really impressed with Keith Urban. Neither dh nor I were big fans previously, but we both admitted he put on a great show (and he can really play the guitar). He even climbed into the audience and gave his guitar to a fan.

Our final bit of news for this week is that we bought a new auto. Our girls are SO's almost a little embarrassing! :-) We've been driving one of our cars since '94 and the other since '00. We just don't like having a car payment, so we always try to just wait until we can save enough to buy a vehicle outright. I really dislike the color of our new car, but this was the only one we could find within a 120 mile radius that had the features we wanted. Claire suggested that maybe we could paint it with a can of spray paint! lol Ummm, that's ok dear, mom will put up with it the way it is. :-)

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