Monday, June 30, 2008

Silver Dollar City

Since we have season tickets, we took the kiddos to Silver Dollar City today. We got there early before the rides opened, but only had to wait a few minutes before being allowed in. Randy and the kids were able to walk right in to the first water ride...but they looked like a family of drowned rats afterwards. lol We then headed to several other water rides before getting in line for the magic show. While we waited in line, Randy and two of the girls made a quick run to a nearby ride, but they hadn't made it back by the time the doors opened to the theatre so Allyson and I had to go in and find seats. I was a bit nervous because the staff kept making announcements that there was to be "NO saving of seats!". Allyson and I were trying to save seats (w/o getting in trouble) for the rest of our gang, while trying to watch for Randy and the girls. :-) We had great 2nd row center seats, and the people behind us noticed that we were looking for someone, so they offered to watch Allyson while I went to look for Randy. (I declined and just waited it out.)

After a short conversation with the people behind us, we found that they live in a town near us (where my dad and brother live now). When I told the lady that I had lived in that town for awhile and about my dad's quilt shop, she asked if I was J's sister. We were both surprised to find that she knows both my dad and bro - in fact, she goes to church with my bro. Small world.....

Re: the magic show.....I'm still amazed at how those girls squish their bodies in those boxes in order to make the tricks work (that *is* how the magic works right???? LOL).

We didn't spend as much time at S$C as we normally do, but it was still a good time.
We ALWAYS have to get a refill of the frozen lemonade for the ride home!

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Rachel said...

Looks like tons of fun!! :D

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