Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eye Surgery 101

With all of the surgeries our family has experienced in the last year, I almost feel like we could teach a class in surgery...not a good thing!

Claire joined the ranks of patients this week by having surgery on her eyes. We've been patching and trying to encourage a very lazy eye to cooperate for the last year or so. Her eye muscle was just too strong though, so we finally gave in to surgery.

Claire was pretty scared the night before, so we prayed together. Our prayers were answered because she was so brave on surgery day. When they called her name, Claire marched into the pre-op area (armed with her polar bear Blizzard, and her blankie). She charmed the OR staff - especially the anesthesiologist. The nurse gave Claire a little stuffed dolphin, which was quickly given the name of Flippy (both stuffed animals accompanied Claire into the OR).

The anesthesiologist asked us several questions prior to question being about any loose teeth he needed to be aware of. Claire showed him her very loose, front tooth. The man just smiled knowingly and said that the tooth might come out when he removed the air tube.

After the surgery, we were taken to the recovery room to wait for Claire. The anesthesiologist paid us a post-op visit, and handed me a small lidded cup. Yes was the tooth! He pulled it while Claire was sweet!! The tooth fairy was pretty generous since the tooth came out during surgery. '-)


The Rickard 5 said...

YOu have surely met your deductable for life within the past few years. Here is hoping that life settles down for your family!!

Christina said...

Hope she's doing well this week! Cute tooth story!

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