Monday, July 14, 2008

China Camp

Our family attended Dillon International's annual China Heritage Camp last week. For 3 days, the girls were immersed in learning about Chinese language, cooking, culture and crafts. I think the girls mostly enjoyed meeting up with friends and travel-mates. :-) It's a weekend they look forward to for months.

I took candid photos during the weekend of so many cute faces...but I can't post them here since I don't have permission from all of the parents. We all had a GREAT time. I wish we were closer because it would be so fun to help more with the camp planning.

Day one of camp also happened to be Allyson's actual birthday. We had promised to take her out for a birthday dinner, but we were pleasantly surprised that all of our first China travel group wanted to join us. After striking out at 2 restaurants (who couldn't seat our large group), we ended up at the Elephant Bar Restaurant. We had a wonderful dinner, and then the waitress surprised Ally with a strawberry shortcake and candle.

When the weekend was over, we drove home minus one child. Emily joined one of her travel-mates on a short trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City. I am so thankful that these girls are such good friends. We have been so blessed to have traveled with such wonderful people.


Miriam at said...

Just came accross your blog, thank you so much for sharing. I was wondering about the China Camp, is that available in different locations? It would be great for our kids, we are overseas Chinese.

I read your posts from last year's trip, and it brought back so many memories, we also brought the kids last year to China, had a wonderful time. I look forward to your future posts and stories! Thank you so much for sharing!

kenziekylanmom said...

Oh, how fun! Our kids have Korea camp next week and they are really looking forward to it. Thanks for posting!!! We are a little worried about Korea camp since Bev isn't running it anymore!!

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