Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Off to Camp...

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My dear Emily left Monday for her first church camp. She was SO excited that she had packed her clothing 2 weeks before! I finally had to tell her to unpack everything so it wouldn't be extremely wrinkled. :-)
We also had an issue with the luggage. Emily wanted to take the tiniest piece of luggage in the house, but the problem was that she had to take towels and bedding, not to mention her clothing. I *finally* convinced her to take a little larger piece of luggage, plus a small tote bag. What a funny kid she is!

We had doubts as to whether Em would be able to go to camp. Over the weekend, she got several splinters in her foot from a wooden pallet in a store. I removed all of the splinters I could see, but Em still complained of soreness. Within 24 hours her foot was swollen and had pus coming out (ewww). This pic was taken the first day...it became much more swollen later! I tried and tried to remove the final splinter (which looks more like a wood chip), but couldn't. Since she was going to camp on Monday, we took her to the convenient care clinic on Sunday...hoping the doctor could remove the splinter. Instead, Emily was given antibiotics and a tetanus shot. The doctor thought it was best to just let it "fester" and come out on its own. I sure hope he was right!!

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