Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earthquakes, Movies and More

Just a quick catch-up....

Randy was in Asia last week, visiting Japan and China. He experienced his first (and hopefully last) earthquake while in Japan. The epicenter was 250 miles away, but he was awakened by the shaking. Pretty scary since he was on the 29th floor of the hotel. Randy also celebrated his birthday while in China. The staff surprised him with a nice birthday cake.

We've been keeping busy. Before leaving for Asia, Randy and I took the kids to see "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The movie was shown in 3-D and the girls thought it was fun....there was even a few screams as something appeared to jump through the screen. (Won't tell what *it* was in case you haven't watched it yet.)

The girls also watched the Hannah Montana 3-D concert/movie. Love the excitement shown on their faces in the photo! LOL
While Em was away at camp, Claire had a friend over to play. They became very quiet and I went in search of their "up to no good"-ness. I found them sitting in the kitchen floor playing with clay, so all was well.
The girls were invited to a "Bead-It!" birthday party, where they each made a bracelet. I loved the bead shop and hope to take the girls there for a mom/daughter date soon. Just what I need...another craft addiction! LOL

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