Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Splutter, splutter, cough, cough...gasp for air. I think that pretty much describes my life over the past few months. I think I'm "back" now.

So much has happened and I've missed my blog as a journal. Since this is my blog, I can write what I want, so here's what's been going on:
After waiting and waiting SO long for a referral from China, we were blessed with our little Max. We were all thrilled to bring him home. He is a feisty little one though and it took some adjusting to having him in our family once we returned from China.

Randy began traveling more with work, the girls went back to school, and then Max became my 3rd leg. I couldn't just jump up and run to school whenever I wanted, run into a store, or do anything the way that I had been doing for the past 4 years while we waited. When we started our adoption process this time, I still had one child at home...but since we waited so long, I grew accustomed to having 3 girls who were pretty independent. Max was a big change for all of us, but probably the most for me(LJ). I went through my own adjustment period. Was I depressed? Maybe - or probably...not sure. There is such a thing as post-adoption depression.

Fast forward to today.....
Max is still my 3rd leg. :-) This little boy has a great personality and is loads of fun. He still prefers ME to anyone else. He still will NOT leave my side when we are home (just the 2 of us), which means I get nothing done during the day. He will NOT watch tv (I know, shame on me for even thinking about using tv as a babysitter...but sometimes I just need to get a load of laundry done! lol), he still asks to "EAT" a gazillion times a day...but I'm ok with all of this. Max is my son and I'm very happy about that. :-)

Thanks to my friends for the private emails, and for "listening" to me. Thanks for the words of wisdom from someone who has been there.
I'll be posting some new updates on the kiddos, as well as some pics soon. I'm not going to take the blog private for now, but will continue posting our pics at a lower resolution. I've seen so many blogs with beautiful, full resolution pics, but I'm so afraid to do that.


AZMom said...

Nice to hear from you. I can't wait to see new pics.

Yes, I am sure it was an adjustment for you and for him. A new routine, a new way of life. Sounds like you have it all down now. That's great!!


Jill and Rick said...

Lois, glad I checked in and it looks like I had perfect timing! I also was taking a break, but simply because we hit that crazy back-to-school, back-to-sports, birthday time at our house!

I can completely understand your feelings since you brought Max home. A huge adjustment for you! Glad to see you're ready to come up for air. :-)

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