Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catch-Up / Update

Buying school supplies

An update on all we've had going on this past month.....

The girls are crazy busy in school. Emily is in 7th grade and in all pre-AP classes. I can't even begin to help with her pre-Algebra class! lol Emily is in band again (playing the flute), and is also on the yearbook staff (co-editor). She joined the cross-country track team and is really enjoying it. This means we have an out-of-town track meet every Saturday, not to mention at least one at home during the week. Needless to say, we're using a lot of gas (but are enjoying watching her grow in this new endeavor). :-) On top of school activities, Emily moved up to the youth choir at church, and is also enjoying having a closer relationship to the girls in her youth group class.

Emily at locker decorating day...................................Running at the SS Invitational

Allyson is in 6th grade - last year of middle school. She is also in pre-AP classes and is enjoying a good start to the year. She started orchestra this year (playing the violin). She is in her last year of children's choir at church. We recently celebrated her 10th "gotcha/adoption day" - will put pics in a separate post.

Ally at the nature center

Claire is in 3rd grade, and doing well in school. She was chosen for a part in the 3rd grade play, which will be held later this month. She also auditioned and was chosen to be in the school's new choir. She will also be participating in the children's choir at church. We celebrated her 7th "gotcha/adoption day" recently as well - will put those pics in a separate post.

Terrific Kid at school
Max - his update coming soon! I can only type for so long with him hanging on my leg! lol

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AZMom said...

My daughter is playing flute this year too. She just started. Any tips?

Glad to hear everyone is doing well! They are all just so pretty!

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