Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home 3 Months

As of September 25th, Max has been home with us for 3 months! He has jumped right in and made himself a big part of our family. :-) His Chinese babbling is gone :-( and has been replaced by constant English chatters and demands. (lol) I think his favorite word is "EAT!" (he repeats "eat" over and over...sounds like the birds that say "mine" on Finding Nemo). He is a smart little boy who picks up words and mannerisms quickly. Some people have a "back seat driver" in their family....not me....I have a "back seat parrot"! No matter who I am talking to in the car, Max repeats everything I say, verbatim. It does get annoying sometimes because it sounds like someone is playing a recording of me...over and over. :-)

It does get really funny around here though. We have tried to teach the girls that we don't say "shut up"; however, Emily became very annoyed with Max's chatter in the car one day and said "Shut Up Max!" and he immediately became quiet. About 10 minutes later (as Emily was listening to her MP3 player), Emily began singing a song. Max immediately burst out with a "Shut Up Emmie!"

I thought I was going to do a better job at writing down all the words Max has learned so far, but I've failed that task. His favorite sentence is "Mom, where are you?" -- said when I am across the room. :-) Other things he says now: have a good day, how are you, good job mommy, right there (no matter where things are, they are always "right there!"), Ally & Claire ride bus, daddy work, i love you mommy, Maxie do it, i sit down, i want. I know there are more things he says constantly, but just can't think of them right now.

As for size, Max hasn't really grown much. Many people tell us he looks like a little football player, but he really isn't as big as he looks. I think he just has a big head! LOL He is wearing mainly 18 month clothing now, but I still have to roll the waistbands on some to keep them from falling off.

Max is *the* hardest kid to get a decent photo of, so I don't have as many pics as I would like. The boy is in constant motion, especially when the camera comes out. I wanted some good photos so I decided to distract him. While big sister was at piano practice last week, I picked a flower and let Max run through the teacher's yard with the flower stem. I had to use a zoom lens and not let him know I was taking photos. Here are the results....

This one is my favorite!


AZMom said...

He is adorable!!! Very happy little mina bird ;-)a

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

I love reading about him!! He is SOOO cute.
And the pictures you captured are just amazing.
I know how clingy my 2-year old is, and I can only imagine how it must be with Max! It is adorable and sweet, but I do understand how it can get old sometimes. If you're like me, it's nice to go to the bathroom and take a shower alone! ;-)
Keep posting when you get time.

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