Saturday, October 3, 2009

Claire's 7th "Gotcha"

On Labor Day weekend, we celebrated Claire's 7th "gotcha" day! We met with 3 other families that we traveled with 7 years ago to adopt our beautiful kiddos. Sadly, one family couldn't make the reunion this year....we missed you Caitlyn!! We had dinner on Friday night at the host family's home, and the kids got reacquainted. On Saturday, we had brunch together and then corralled the kids long enough for a group shot of the 4 girls. One of the girls wasn't feeling well, so she went home to rest for a bit after our first group pic.

Of course, I had to grab a quick pic of my 3 girls too! :-)

After the photo shoot, we headed to Lewis & Clark to have a go at the rock climbing wall. We were thinking the kids would just climb a little bit (meaning a short distance), and then would lose interest. They all surprised us they climbed all the way to the top of the "beginner" wall and rang the bell! That wasn't enough they then decided to tackle the intermediate wall. It was much harder, but several of the girls rang that bell also. Way to GO girls!! We had lots of sweaty-headed kiddos by the time they were was hard work and really hot "UP" there! :-) After the rock wall, the group went for a quick game of bowling, and then back to the host family's house for more fun...a pinata bash!

We had dinner together at a local Chinese restaurant before returning to the host family's home for cake, ice cream...and presents of course!
We had a group breakfast at a local restaurant before everyone headed home. The girls wore one of the matching shirts they received as gifts the night before.

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AZMom said...

Love the matching shirts!! What a great idea! Looks like they had fun!

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