Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

Claire's school had their annual ballet program last week.  We are fortunate that this ballet "class" is offered free of charge during school hours.  The kids only practice once a week for about 30 minutes, but they put on a really wonderful program.  Any student who wishes to participate is allowed...and many of the staff even get involved.
This year's performance was "Alice in Wonderland".  Claire's part was a "Rose" and she danced with a King of Hearts (so sweet!)  The principal acted as the Mad Hatter, and the librarian was the Queen of Hearts.  It was a wonderful program!  The school's select choir (of only 20 kids) also sang several songs prior to the ballet (our little miss did a great job on her solo!).  This performance was a little bittersweet though as this was Claire's final choir/ballet performance...she's moving up to middle school this fall! (sniff, sniff)  I took photos of each group of dancers (there were over 200!), but am only posting a few pics here.

Claire singing her solo

Claire dancing with her King of Hearts

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Jennifer said...

How fun and such adorable costumes! I bet you are one proud mama!

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