Monday, March 7, 2011

Max's 4th Birthday Party

We had Max's 4th birthday party over the weekend.  Just a few family and friends...very low key (just the way I like it!).  The theme Max finally settled on was "cowboys", because he wanted to wear a hat.  :-)  The party was during lunch time, so we served cowboy-type food (BBQ pork sliders & baked beans). 

I bought little adhesive mustaches for the kids to wear, and made cardstock mustaches for the adults.  A little impromptu photo shoot with the mustaches was required.  :-)

The kids played several games of "There's a Snake in My Boot!"...every snake hitting the target won them a piece of candy.  Even the teenagers stepped up for a turn.

The cake was made by the King of Cakes (a teen boy from our church) who always does a great job.

 I decided to do something different for party favors...and made themed cookies.  I didn't have cookie cutters for the horse head and cowboy boot, so I made a template and cut them out with a knife.  Once I began decorating them I realized I didn't have the right colors on hand, so I did the best I could with what I had.  Overall though, I was pleased with the end result...and have plans for more cookies in the future. :-)  Thanks to my friend, Christina, for the inspiration to give these a try!


Glenda McMath said...

Lois - you are amazing and inspiring all the time! This is awesome!!!

Joy said...

Too cute! Katherine once had a cowgirl party and it was so much fun!

Wendy said...

So-oo cute!! We're having a Mustache Party for Oli's 4th, and I'm making felt elastic mustaches to wear, for each kiddo. All of the decor animals and such will also be wearing mustaches. ;) Love the pic of your family all decked out in yours!!

And great job on those cookies. That must've taken some time, and they turned out beautifully.

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