Monday, February 11, 2008

We have a winner!

Emily's middle school had a fundraiser last week...a cutest pet contest. Students and faculty were asked to bring in favorite photos of their pets. Each entry into the contest cost $1; there were over 200 photo entries, so there was lots of competition.
Emily is pretty competitive, so of course she wanted to enter. :-) She went around the house snapping pictures of Jazzy and Freckles, hoping to get the perfect shot. She entered an individual picture of each dog (which were pretty cute imho), and then THIS shot. Emily came home from school today very excited...her photo won "Favorite Overall Pet"!!! The prize included a squeaky toy for both dogs, and a gift certificate to Petco.
Way to go Em, Jazzy and Frecks!! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Love this photo.

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