Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Science Fairs and Fairy Tales

So much going on here that I can't remember what I still need to post, so I'll just cut right to the two most recent events I have photos for. :-)

Allyson participated in the first science fair at her school last week. It was completely voluntary, but the science teacher offered a 100% test grade to her students who entered, so we strongly encouraged Ally to do a project. In the end, Ally was thrilled because she won 4th place (honorable mention) out of 37 entrants (a bonus because we weren't expecting anything other than that test grade!). Woohoo...way to go Ally!
Claire's class had a Fairy Tale Museum last week as well. Each child was asked to dress up and write a short paragraph about their character. When other students came to view their "display" and "push their button", the fairy tale character came *alive* and read their paragraph. We suggested that Claire dress as Snow White, but then couldn't find the costume. (The girls have lots of dress-up things, but this costume seemed to be in hiding.) Claire then decided to dress as Rapunzel. We had a dress that worked, but she needed long hair so I ordered a wig online. We waited and waited, but the wig didn't arrive on it was mom to the rescue. :-) The night before the museum, I frantically cut the legs off a pair of tights, cut long pieces of yarn, and sewed them onto the base (tights). We then braided the "hair" and Claire instantly became Rapunzel! Not a bad job if I do say so myself! LOL By the way, the real wig arrived the following afternoon...a little too late. :-(


Christina said...

WOO HOO!! What a bonus to receive an award, too!! That's neat!

Excellent make-shift wig, too! I'll have to put that in my "idea brain!" Ha

The Rickard 5 said...

LJ, Your SO gonna get mom of te year if you don't watch it!!

* said...

Jean, I think I have this blog stuff about figured out. Love the pictures! Kim

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Wow-- that display is awesome! And now I'm so curious-- how would she clean the Statue of Liberty??

Great job on the wig!! We did a Raggedy Ann costume one year for Halloween and I did the same thing for hair. Fast, fairly easy, and cheap.

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