Friday, April 17, 2009

Care Package

Since it will be at least a month before we travel, we decided to send a care package to Max. We are including a little tag blankie, a Mickey, some small toy cars, a camera, and a photo album. Randy chose the little Mickey Mouse because he thought it was distinctly American. :-) We actually have several other items we like better, but we're taking those WITH us so we know Max will have them to play with. We put labels with the Chinese characters for "mommy", "daddy", and "big sister" on the photos (the cute little album was from our DTC secret pal). I'm guessing he won't actually get to keep the blankie or toys, but we're hoping the orphanage will take lots of pics with the camera for us. We're also hoping they'll show Max the photos of us often (hopefully, he'll recognize us and won't be so scared).


Jill and Rick said...

I love just thinking about the excitement and joy your family was feeling as you packed your box for Max. After all this time, you finally know who your son is and you know that you will soon have him in your arms!


Tina said...

Glad you're able to send a care package. We sent Alex a photo album and I think his Nannies showed it to him several times. He still enjoys getting it out and looking at it.

Glad to hear you're approvals are in the mail.

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