Sunday, April 26, 2009

Which Room?

Since receiving our referral, we've been trying to figure out the bedroom situation here. (Yes, we should have already had this figured out, but with the wait being SO long, it was just something we didn't think about.) Currently, we have 2 spare bedrooms. One is a guest room, and one is what Randy has dubbed "the store"...aka my scrapbook room. :-)
Emily has never liked sleeping in her room during storms as the rain always hits the window so hard (no roof overhang). I have offered the scrap room to Emily several times (it would make a great room for a teen), but she doesn't want to lose our craft space. Sweet girl! :-)
If Emily moved to the scrap room, Max would (probably) be put into Emily's former room, and then I would move "the store" to the former guest room. Confusing? ;-) I'm even willing to move most of my scrap supplies to a downstairs closet and get rid of some things if I need to completely give up having a craft room. What a sacrifice! lol
What to do, what to do?! We played around with some of the bedroom furniture arrangement this weekend. I think we're going to allow Emily to make the decision about which room she wants, and then we'll go from there. This is what my scrap room currently looks like (well, when it's clean). I wonder what will become of this room....

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