Friday, April 3, 2009

School Auction

Our school had its big, spring fundraiser this week. Each class is required to do a piece of "art" for a live auction. We are a newer school and this is only our fourth year, but the completed projects always astound me. The students are supposed to help with the projects, but some of the pieces look like they were created by professionals, not the kids. :-)

The homeroom mom for Claire's class decided that we would make a quilt for the auction. The teacher chose a jungle/safari theme, so the kids colored animals on white quilt blocks. Once colored, we ironed the excess wax off and sewed the blocks together. (Yes, I volunteered to sew the squares together into a quilt.) We also included a photo of the class, as well as all of the kids' signatures. My dad's quilt shop donated the batting and did the quilting for us....and here's the finished project.


Jill and Rick said...


& Claire's armadillo is amazing!

Okay, all those A's were not intentional.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

adorable quilt!

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