Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Happy (belated) Easter! ;-)

Our Easter was really low-key this year. We went to church at our normal time, but instead of having Sunday school, we were treated to a light breakfast (well, if donuts are light that is!). We then went to church service, where we watched the choir/drama presentation. While watching the drama, I got teary thinking about the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. This year's drama was designed to be more real-time than some we've seen. As people came to Jesus, he took their "baggage" of sins from them. One particular girl kept watching, yet avoiding Jesus...until she too finally ran and handed over her baggage to him. My description of it is poor, but it was pretty powerful to watch.

Since it was rainy Sunday, the girls weren't able to hunt eggs. Fortunately, they participated in an egg hunt at church on Saturday, and they got plenty of candy. I didn't get any great pictures, but we plan on taking some more pictures this weekend.

Several friends asked where we were registered for things for Max. Our answer: Why, nowhere of course! We hadn't registered for gifts when we adopted the girls, so we hadn't planned on doing so this time. When those friends then suggested/requested a registry, we complied. '-) So, on this rainy Sunday afternoon, we trudged to WM and scanned a few things. I have to admit it was a pretty fun experience, but we really only chose a few basic items like security gates, car booster seats, etc.

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